Frequently Asked Questions

In case of a malfunction, you must contact us at the telephone numbers on the lease agreement.

In case of an accident, you should contact us at the telephone numbers on the lease agreement. Accident and alcohol report should be kept immediately after the accident. You must provide information to us within 24 hours with these documents. Instead of vehicles that will extend the repair time depending on the damage, a different vehicle that meets your contract can be provided by our company. Be sure to provide the necessary conditions to be covered by the insurance and insurance at the time of the accident.

- Tire, glass, headlight insurance is included in the rental fees mentioned on our site.

Traffic and alcohol reports should be kept immediately after the accident. If the accident is double-sided, a photocopy of the license belonging to the other party, a photocopy of the insurance policy and a photocopy of the driver's license must be obtained from the opposite party at the scene of the accident, and the same documents belonging to you must be provided to the opposite party. Immediately after the accident, you should be notified of the number found on the lease agreement. If the vehicle is used under the influence of alcohol, any substance or above the speed limits and the person who rents the vehicle is completely defective, the person who rents the vehicle is held responsible for all damages that may occur. In case of incomplete or invalid documents that are not reported, the lessee may not benefit from the insurance in any way and may not claim the benefit. In the specified cases, the claim to benefit from insurance will be deemed invalid and the resulting damages will be excluded from the insurance coverage. Use of the vehicle by a person other than the name or names specified on the lease agreement. Use the tool outside of normal conditions. (Use that may damage the engine, road conditions, use with a broken or damaged tire, incorrect fuel filling.) Use outside of traffic rules.(Exceeding the speed limit, red light, etc. other violations, use of the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any substance.) The cargo carried in the vehicle caused an accident. Careless use of the vehicle. (The vehicle is not used according to rainfall or road condition, the vehicle in front is not followed according to the safety tracking distance, etc. situations.) In case of an accident, damage or theft, the contact number given is not notified, the vehicle is abandoned at the scene of the accident. Although no more than 48 hours have passed since the accident, no traffic and alcohol reports have been received. Failure to deliver the original key in case the vehicle is stolen. Although the lease has expired, the car continues to be used and not delivered without any approval. For damage to tires, headlights or Windows, take action without notice of the relevant contact numbers. Such cases are not included in the insurance. 3 in accidents that occurred.the amount of material compensation that will consist of damage to individuals is covered by financial liability insurance. Amounts other than collateral are the responsibility of the customer. BND Rent a Car cannot be held responsible for amounts other than collateral.

Unless otherwise, you can make reservations through our site, call center or mobile application without any prepayment.

Once your booking is confirmed, your payments will be taken in cash when you pick up the car

According to company procedures, you cannot travel abroad in a rented vehicle.